[Infographic] How prepared is your network for cyber threats?

February 14, 2018

How prepared is your network for cyber threats?

With cloud migration, the Internet of Things (IoT)
and the proliferation of data centers, business networks are seeing more—and more vicious—attacks.

Global spending on cyber security products and services for defending against cybercrime is projected to exceed $1 trillion by 20211

Cybercrime costs will grow to $6 trillion by 20212

By 2020, more than 25% of identified attacks in enterprise businesses will involve IoT3

The best way to improve risk management, defend your data and protect customers?

Go private.

Private edge data centers incorporate optical encryption to secure in-flight data in the transport layer of the network as it’s carried over optical waves.






security and

To fortify their critical data paths, web-scale providers are building
and interconnecting data centers with lightning speed.


Large data flows can be carried over long distances and fiber types without compromising speed and performance.


Optics increase transport capacity, unlocking new speeds of 200G and beyond over any distance.


Data is encapsulated entirely within a transparent, dedicated optical transport service without additional hardware.


Make it easy for enterprises to adopt carrier-grade, fiber-based bandwidth services without building and running their own data center interconnection.


Application-optimized platforms allow data centers to connect faster with simple planning, ordering and installation.


As more sensitive information gets distributed across fiber‑optic networks, the IT security approach incorporates robust in‑flight encryption, in addition to server security and at‑rest encryption.

Wavelength Services
from Windstream Enterprise

Leading the market in data center interconnect

Wavelength Services Cloud Core™ architecture helps you take control of your critical data demands with a dedicated optical network.

It’s secure

You gain complete control to determine the security with your private network.

It’s resilient

Wavelength Services offers fully dedicated bandwidth for the lowest latency—coupled with multiple recovery options for business continuity.

It’s flexible

Large data flows can be carried over long distances and multiple fiber types without compromising speed and performance.

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